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Alan's Legal Documents has the ability to prepare your legal documents all while saving you both time and money. All of our legal documents are created from scratch and not prepared with legal document software. This ensure that you documents are drafted with you, the client in mind. With over 30 years of experience, you can rely on Alan's Legal Documents to deliver high quality legal documentation without the high cost. Call our office in Phoenix, Arizona the schedule a consultation.
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In summary, an appeal is a request for a higher court to review the decision of a lower court. This is filled when one or both parties feel as if there was a substantial mistake made in the proceeding that affected the outcome. In the case of the complaintaint, they may feel as if they did not receive proper relief or the defendant usually looking to overturn the ruling.

Answer To Complaint

When facing a lawsuit, the defendant has the opportunity to detail their version of the events that lead up to the lawsuit and defend themselves against the plaintiff’s complaint. This is called an Answer. An Answer to Complaint gives the defendant the ability to admit or deny the allegations. Those looking to counterclaim should also filed the same time as the answer. Seek the experts at Alan's Legal Documents before filing an answer for the best possible defense.

Motions to Dismiss

A motion to dismiss is a formal request to dismiss a case for varying reasons. For a motion to dismiss to be granted, the court must be able to dismiss the issue without the need for additional evidence. Typically, a motion to dismiss is filed when one or more affirmed defenses apply to the case. Be sure to consult a proper Phoenix, Arizona lawyer when thinking of filing for a motion to dismiss.

Motion for Summary Judgement

A motion for summary judgement, also known as a MSJ, is a request for the court to rule in favor of the filer before the trial starts. A motion for summary judgement is usually filed with a memorandum that includes the parties critical arguments and all the evidence gathered that supports that argument.

Family Law

Family law is a comprehensive branch of law that deal with a range of family relationships and dynamics. With family law being such a sensitive area, it is crucial to have documentation that is accurate and professional. Alan's Legal Documents understands this delicacy and the required attention to detail.

Will, Probates, & Trust

Drafting wills, probate, & trust are in a days work for Alan's Legal Documents. No matter your document type, you can rest assured that it will be prepared with the same level of detail as all of our other legal document preparation services. We take pride in providing the utmost best in legal documentation, at an affordable price.

Immigration Documents

In today's heightened climate around immigration, Alan's Legal Documents can get all of your immigration legal documentation prepared by a professional. Immigration documentation has a reputation for being lengthy and difficult to complete. That's where we come in. Alan's Legal Documents is here to help complete your paperwork and get you one step closer to citizenship.

Child Custody

It's always an emotional time when children and legal matters combine, especially when it comes to child custody. No matter if it is physical or legal custody, both sole and joint, Alan's Legal Documents can get you legal documents drafted in a timely manner to help resolve your child custody matter.